What is Clean Eating?


Clean eating is how we all cooked before the advent of processed “convenience” foods. It means eating foods in it’s “cleanest” unprocessed form. Those who follow a clean eating lifestyle try to follow these guidelines:

Eat Organic: Utilize organic fruits and vegetables as often as possible to sidestep all of the pesticides used in our modern food.

Cook with Unprocessed Foods: Convenience foods with ingredients that you do not recognize are a “no-no.”

Cut out refined sugar: Yes, there are sugars in many of the natural things that we eat and many natural sweeteners we can utilize- it’s all about cutting out the white refined sugar. Plus- did you know that sugar beets are on the list of genetically modified crops? No thanks!

Grass-fed Meat: Just like our fruits, veggies and grains have been covered in pesticides, our meat (chicken, beef, pork, fish) have been pumped with hormones, fed GMO corn and given antibiotics to stay healthy while they plump up.

There is good news- it’s relatively easy to start clean eating and on a budget, too. After all, our relatives got by before the age of canned mushroom soup and TV dinners. :)

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