Best Prices on Healthy Food Online at Vitacost

I’ve often heard of Amazon having great prices on organic foods online, however I’ve found that has incredible prices on clean eating organic foods versus my local grocery store. has been around since 1994 and is also one of Amazon’s vendors.

Overall, the prices are low and they have a great selection compared to other organic websites. What makes Vitacost an incredibly awesome deal is that they are always have great sales and BOGO PLUS they are on for 4% cash back.

But that’s not all (giggle- I sound like an infomercial!), if you aren’t already on, you get a $10 gift card to Target for signing up AND you are able to get $10 off a $30 Vitacost purchase with my referral code (which gets me the same deal!)

Intrigued? I just made a $67.12 purchase and used someone’s referral code to get $10 off. There is free shipping with a purchase over $49- so that was free too. With my new Ebates account I’ll be getting a $10 gift card to Target (the “bonus” option I picked- there are others like Macy’s) plus $2.33 cash back.

Not too bad totaling $22.33 in combined savings, cashback and giftcards!

On a slightly different note, Vitacost is having an awesome BOGO sale on essentials- one of which is the great Bionaturae organic tomato paste. This brand is great for two reasons: 1) It’s organic and 2) it comes in a glass container, a rarity for tomato paste that generally comes in a BPA lined can. Vitacost already had a really great price of $8.61 for a 3-pack ($2.87 each). When you take advantage of this BOGO the average price of 6 goes down to $2.15 a piece.

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