Best Grocery List Prices

I love a great deal- and convenience! Online shopping for clean eating pantry items is so easy and the prices are much better than my area grocery stores. With online shopping, it also keeps me completely on track with my grocery budget as there are few distractions.

Of course, I’m always looking for the best prices. My favorite online shops for price, selection and customer service are, and

These are the pantry items I use across my clean eating slow cooker recipes. (I try to keep these prices as updated as possible!

ShippingFree over $25 purchaseFree over $49 purchaseFree over $40 purchase
Coupon code$10 off referral coupon PLUS $10 Ebates Signup Bonus PLUS 4% Ebates cashback
Apple Cider VinegarBragg$3.13 (16oz.)$5.09 (32oz)
$6.19 (pack of two 16 oz.)
$5.24 (32oz)
$3.50 (16oz)
BBQ SauceAnnie's Naturalsonly sold in high bulk package$3.89$3.81
Beans (Black)Bob's Red Mill- 26oz$4.45$5.56
Beans (Pinto)Bob's Red Mill- 26oz$4.16$5.23
Cane SugarFlorida Crystals- 4lb bag$8.75$8.58
Chili SauceOrganicville$10.24 (two 12oz bottles)$10.24 (two 12oz bottles)not available
Coconut OilNutiva$16.49$16.79$19.54
Flour (wheat pastry)King Arthur- 5 lb bag$8.99$9.20
French DressingAnnie's Naturals$4.39$4.06
KetchupAnnie's Naturals- 24oz$3.69$3.52
Noodles (whole wheat shells)Delallo$2.89$3.02
Oats (steel cut)Bob's Red Mill$6.78 (2-pack)$4.85
Tomato PasteBionaturae$8.91 (3-pack)$2.40 (1)
Tomato (crushed)Pomi- 26oz Tetra pack
Worcester SauceAnnie's Naturals$3.89$3.76